My name is Becca, and I’m a photographer currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My work focuses on the human perception of reality, challenging conventional wisdom and the legitimacy behind social norms. Relating to the medium of photography itself, I attempt to make viewers question the realism of what they observe, realizing that photography will inherently always lie.

Every photo on this website is for sale, please email me at ︎ ︎ for further inquiry.

I will do any photo-related work for you which can include but is not limited to:

    • studio photography
    • portrait photography
    • product photography
    • interior photography
    • concert photography
    • sports photography
    • theatre photography
    • corporate photography
    • event photography: weddings, senior portraits, family portraits, parties, press, bar/bat-mitzvah, quince, etc.
    • art documentation
    • movie set stills
    • graphic design: album covers, movie posters, book covers, marketing assets, etc.
    • photo restoration
    • photoshop editing
    • photo replication
    • camera and/or photoshop tutor
    • commission work

If you have any other photo-based projects in need of a hand,
I’d love to hear about them ︎